Friday Introductions: Blushing Hair and Makeup, Charlotte, NC Hair and Makeup Artist

Meet Megan, OWNER OF Blushing Hair and Makeup- A CHARLOTTE BASED Hair and makeup team 


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of taking a few photos for Megan- both headshots and some shots of her amazingggg home office/studio. I will be sharing a few of those throughout this post, and you'll quickly see how great this space really is! Megan is a full time mom, wife, and business owner, and honestly I have no clue how she juggles it all.

I always love getting the chance to work with Blushing, whether it's  a styled shoot, wedding, or for personal shoots- her family is so much fun to photograph! Megan truly is talented and passionate about what she does. 

Enjoy learning a few fun facts about Megan below! 


When did Blushing begin? 


Did you grow up in NC?


Why Hair and makeup? 

I’m a hairstylist by trade, and after I stopped working at the salon it was the natural transition to start Blushing with my sister who were also hairstylists and makeup artists. Why wouldn’t we work together?

Go to hair/makeup product?

Oribe dry texture spray, Anastasia brow kit

What has been your favorite thing about being a business owner? 

The excitement of the next chapter. Every new season with a business is scary and exciting all at the same time. Being a business you started grow is like watching lots of hard work and love and time grow into something beautiful.

Married? Kids? Pets?

Yes, 4 kids one on the way, one dog


Favorite meal to cook?

Scallops and risotto, while sipping on some white wine ️

Favorite movie/tv show?

Anything Nancy Meyers

Coffee or tea? 



What is your advice to those who want to own their own business?

Ask lots of questions, learn from anyone and everyone around you, don’t ever stop learning or growing or changing. Be kind, work hard, and jump. 


If you haven't already, check out Blushing's work HERE!

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The last few months have been all over the place for us. I have shot 13 weddings, 10 portrait sessions, and lots of in between since getting married in April. Ludwing has put in lots of hours at work, and life has become a little crazy for us both. We are so excited to head to Amelia's Island Monday morning for a short little vacation- we both need it! I am so excited to take a break from the computer, emails, and the craziness of life. I'm also excited that I get three whole days with my husband! 

So, today as I am packing and cleaning, I wanted to take a moment and encourage you all to take a break. Busy is good, work is good, having a home to take care of is good.. but having silence to focus on what's important, like quiet time with the Lord, quality time with your husband or with your family, THAT is even better! Work will get done. The house will get cleaned. Make sure you take care of yourself, and take time with those you love. 

The verse below was brought up during the sermon at church this morning, and again I was reminded of the importance to take the time to rest. 

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." -Matthew 11:28-30

Enjoy some photos of our room that is slowly coming together (and clean for now!) and some of the items I will be taking on our trip! (Clothing brands/stores are underneath this post) Now back to packing! :) 

Shorts: American Eagle

Teal Dress: Loft

Orange Shirt: Altar'd State

Swimsuit: Target

New Year, New Goals


As I sat down in a noisy coffee shop during the last week of 2016, I stopped to reflect on all that 2016 brought us. We learned so much, we grew so much as individuals, and we took some really really pretty pictures. But not everything in 2016 was so great. We were hit head on with some really difficult clients, but we were also blessed with some of the best clients in the world. Seriously, we have met some of the sweetest people in this business. We also learned certain business principals the hard way and learned what we need to implement in 2017. Thankfully as we learn from our mistakes, we fix things right away. 

So for 2017 we came up with some broad goals as well as specific goals to keep us on track. 

Broad Goals: 

1. Delegate More. This can mean something as simple as using programs for client communication and for culling. 

2. Be Personable! This applies to the way we interact with our clients and even what we post on our blog and social media! 

3. Create Habits and Systems. We have created daily tasks to check off each day, that stay the same from week to week. This allows us to get in the habit of working on a schedule and giving clients the final product quicker. 

These are just a few of the goals we have set to help us have a more productive 2017! We'd love to hear your new year goals too!! Let's help each other stay on track this year, one day at a time. 

Sugar Paper and Target + Wrapping Inspiration

A few months ago I began walking up and down the aisles of stores and noticed some red and greens start to appear. Pretty soon I was seeing santa, frosty, and elves.. Christmas was here. It was October. 

I went through the aisles at target looking at Christmas decor (just for fun, of course!) before the rush for Christmas began. I reached the wrapping section, one of my favorite sections I might add! I love wrapping a gift well and buying gifts in general. I love the expression of surprise and joy on loved ones faces when they open a package with an item they were not expecting. It really is the best feeling! 


Anyways... wrapping aisle. I looked at all the reds and greens and golds. It was all pretty, but not really my style. I have never been a fan of red, so it doesn't usually interest me. Then I saw a section that was not the typical Christmas colors. There were pink, white, blue, and gold wrapping supplies. 

**Side note: I had recently rebranded my company to shades of blue and grey. I really am a girly girl, but there is just something about shades of blue that draw my attention. 

Sugar Paper had come to target and their products were not only gorgeous, but I loved that they weren't the traditional colors and patterns of Christmas time. I quickly bought the tissue paper first realizing that it would match my new branding and I could use it in my packaging. 

A few weeks later I put in a large order online for ribbon, boxes, and yes, more tissue paper. It was just that pretty and perfect for not only Christmas, but packaging for our business. 


So all this to say..

1) It's okay to go out of the box and buy non red and green Christmas items. It can still be festive if done right! 

2) Pretty packaging is a big deal. (to me)

3) Go to target and check out Sugar Paper. Their stuff is well made and a great price!

And now enjoy some pictures to inspire you with your own gift wrapping!  


By this time hopefully you have all your gifts wrapped and under the tree and are enjoying this season with friends and family! We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!! Be looking out for more blog posts from us in 2017 ;) Product links below! 

Tissue Paper 



Handmade Scarf: My sweet momma

Andrea's Bridal Shower

First off.. HUGE thanks to Evermore Event Company for the amazing table settings and for making this shower all kinds of beautiful with your lovely china and decor. 

Also, I owe a big hug to Rose, Ashley, Momma Joy, Momma Harrell, Meemaw, Becca, Nona, and everyone else who helped out in setting up and tearing down today. I literally would not have been able to put this together without everyone's help. I quickly learned throughout this process that not only does andrea love selflessly through serving, so do her friends and family. I am so grateful for each of you. I had so much fun putting together the theme and ideas for this shower and enjoyed seeing those ideas come to fruition today.

I have known andrea for 14 years now, and we have had many ups and downs. (The downs generally happened in our elementary years.) I am so thankful for her friendship and cherish her constant devotion to keeping our friendship alive. It is so easy to graduate high school and never talk to your fellow classmates again, but I am so glad that through the years (and some years through the distance) that Andrea has constantly reached out and cherished our friendship enough to spend quality time together amidst our busy schedules. 

Andrea, since I wasn't able to say much today through my quick shedding of tears, just know that I love you and I am incredibly happy for what the future holds for you. I can't believe we are even at this stage in life, but I am proud of how hard you've worked and how far you have come in these past few years. Thank you for being the godly, encouraging example I need in my life and for challenging me on a daily basis. I hope today was an enjoyable and encouraging time for you as you begin a new chapter in your life. 

Love you sissy!  <3