Sugar Paper and Target + Wrapping Inspiration

A few months ago I began walking up and down the aisles of stores and noticed some red and greens start to appear. Pretty soon I was seeing santa, frosty, and elves.. Christmas was here. It was October. 

I went through the aisles at target looking at Christmas decor (just for fun, of course!) before the rush for Christmas began. I reached the wrapping section, one of my favorite sections I might add! I love wrapping a gift well and buying gifts in general. I love the expression of surprise and joy on loved ones faces when they open a package with an item they were not expecting. It really is the best feeling! 


Anyways... wrapping aisle. I looked at all the reds and greens and golds. It was all pretty, but not really my style. I have never been a fan of red, so it doesn't usually interest me. Then I saw a section that was not the typical Christmas colors. There were pink, white, blue, and gold wrapping supplies. 

**Side note: I had recently rebranded my company to shades of blue and grey. I really am a girly girl, but there is just something about shades of blue that draw my attention. 

Sugar Paper had come to target and their products were not only gorgeous, but I loved that they weren't the traditional colors and patterns of Christmas time. I quickly bought the tissue paper first realizing that it would match my new branding and I could use it in my packaging. 

A few weeks later I put in a large order online for ribbon, boxes, and yes, more tissue paper. It was just that pretty and perfect for not only Christmas, but packaging for our business. 


So all this to say..

1) It's okay to go out of the box and buy non red and green Christmas items. It can still be festive if done right! 

2) Pretty packaging is a big deal. (to me)

3) Go to target and check out Sugar Paper. Their stuff is well made and a great price!

And now enjoy some pictures to inspire you with your own gift wrapping!  


By this time hopefully you have all your gifts wrapped and under the tree and are enjoying this season with friends and family! We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!! Be looking out for more blog posts from us in 2017 ;) Product links below! 

Tissue Paper 



Handmade Scarf: My sweet momma