New Year, New Goals


As I sat down in a noisy coffee shop during the last week of 2016, I stopped to reflect on all that 2016 brought us. We learned so much, we grew so much as individuals, and we took some really really pretty pictures. But not everything in 2016 was so great. We were hit head on with some really difficult clients, but we were also blessed with some of the best clients in the world. Seriously, we have met some of the sweetest people in this business. We also learned certain business principals the hard way and learned what we need to implement in 2017. Thankfully as we learn from our mistakes, we fix things right away. 

So for 2017 we came up with some broad goals as well as specific goals to keep us on track. 

Broad Goals: 

1. Delegate More. This can mean something as simple as using programs for client communication and for culling. 

2. Be Personable! This applies to the way we interact with our clients and even what we post on our blog and social media! 

3. Create Habits and Systems. We have created daily tasks to check off each day, that stay the same from week to week. This allows us to get in the habit of working on a schedule and giving clients the final product quicker. 

These are just a few of the goals we have set to help us have a more productive 2017! We'd love to hear your new year goals too!! Let's help each other stay on track this year, one day at a time.