Ashley- Film Portraits

You may just recognize this lovely face when you're scrolling through.. You got it, this is my assistant Ashley. If you haven't met her yet, you're missing out.

This lady is so talented and so humble about it! I absolutely love working with her and having her around on wedding days. If you know either one of us, you know we LOVE exploring the world of photography. We are always reading, watching videos, you name it. Our most recent endeavor has been film photography and we are absolutely enamored by it! The grain, the colors, the light.. it all looks so "angelic" (for lack of better words..). 

Film has really pushed us to see past the routine that we all too often get stuck in as photographers. It makes us slow down, deliberately compose a shot, and enjoy the art that is photography.

Enjoy a few images of Ashley, and remember to take the time to slow down today!

>> All images taken on Canon EOS 1 with an 85mm f/1.8. Film: Fuji400H and Portra400

>> Film scans by Biggs Camera (Charlotte)