Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Click Away Photography | FRESH - AUTHENTIC - ADVENTUROUS

One of our goals for 2016 was to focus on what we wanted to portray in our images. Doing this provides consistency and appeal to those who are likeminded and who we want our potential clients to be. We have narrowed down our list to three key words, and I would like to explain each and how they apply to our business.



The first word we want to describe our images is fresh. This word can go in many different directions, but there are two specific directions we want to stick to. One being fresh and new ideas that are creative and not "The Norm". We want to always be on our toes, always coming up with new ways to shoot, new poses, and new techniques that offer diversity to our clients. Secondly, we want our images to be clean. We want the greenery and crispness of nature to be evident in our images. We are all about tall grass, overgrown ivy, enormous trees.. we absolutely love nature and it reflects our style as photographers. 


Simply put, we want to capture REAL moments and REAL emotion. We are always looking for those in between moments, that small tear, that gentle hug.. whatever it may be we are looking to capture that moment forever. Whether it's a first look, a dad's embrace, a mom's tear.. We genuinely believe that these moments are why we are there on your big day. 



We LOVE LOVE LOVE those couples who think outside of the box. The couples that put effort and energy into planning the smallest of details. We also love when our couples bring us on adventures, whether that's a destination wedding, a trip to the mountain or even just to the woods in a nearby park. Wherever your adventurous side takes you, we want to be there. Not only do we want couples who are adventurous in the details and location, but also the couples who love passionately. The couples who treat every day as an adventure with the other. These are the couples and the moments we want to capture. 


As we go full speed ahead into our 2016 wedding season, we are focusing on these three areas. We want our clients to feel at home with us, while we capture every bit of their fresh, authentic and adventurous love!