Centre Presbyterian Church Monroe, NC Wedding

As I post this, I am heading off to our 4th wedding of the year. It amazes me how many clients we get to meet and interact with each year. I am reminded, after looking through these images again, of why we do what we do. Rebekah and Jordan's wedding was full of laughter and emotions that were contagious... (yes I will keep crying behind my camera all the way to December... and in to the following years!)  I say it over and over, but I will continue to say it.. I absolutely LOVE my job. 

I love that Jordan and Rebekah kept their wedding sweet and simple. They kept the center of the day around their marriage and not around an agenda or decor.. They focused one each other and truly enjoyed the day for what it meant. 

A verse on a wall in the church where the bride got dressed read, "Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it..." Psalm 27:1. What an appropriate verse for a wedding day, especially for these two who kept the proper focus throughout their wedding day. I pray and hope that as you two go through life together that you would continue to seek the Lord as He builds your marriage.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Hoskins!