Surprise Proposal-Engagement Session (Caitlin + Mark)

Mark called me in February, right after I had announced the winner for our Valentine's Day giveaway for a couple's shoot. He explained to me that his girlfriend Caitlin was bummed that they didn't win, but he wanted to pay for the session and have me pretend that they had won. His plans also involved a surprise proposal during the shoot! So shortly after I messaged Caitlin letting her know that we had "re-drawn" a name for the contest and it was hers! ;) 

While Mark and I continued to email back and forth exchanging ideas on where, when and how to accomplish such a feat, I also communicated with Caitlin to make sure she was convinced she had won and that all the details were planned. We decided on Clark Creek's nature preserve in Charlotte on a Saturday evening in March. As I pulled in that evening, I saw the couple standing off in the distance waiting and I couldn't help but get giddy myself about what was to happen.

After meeting the couple and venturing out into the tall grassy fields, I began posing them as I would any other couple. Except on the inside I was dying to tell someone.. it's so hard to keep a secret! Mark and I had gone over cues on when he would propose so I was sure that they were in the perfect spot. About 10 minutes into their session, I had them stand in a location where the light was falling beautifully. I knew this was the spot. Little did she know.. :) 

I got them into the pose that was Mark's cue to propose and had them stay there for just about a minute, capturing different angles and letting Mark find the perfect opportunity. I have to say, Mark pulled it off flawlessly.. He bent down telling Caitlin he had some of the tall grass stuck in his shoes.. 

Caitlin stood by waiting for him to get whatever was in his shoe out. 

I stood by waiting to capture the sweet moment unfold. 

Just a few moments later Mark pulled out the ring from his shoe, asking Caitlin to spend the rest of her life with him. Although I can't recall what was said, it was obvious the answer was a yes. Caitlin was fully surprised and caught up in every kind of emotion.

I love love love that I was able to capture such a special time in this sweet couple's life. I also LOVED that I was able to do their engagement session literally right after the proposal.. I wish I could do every engagement session right after the proposal, what pure bliss! 

Enjoy the pure excitement, joy, and love these two share and will continue to share as they begin this journey together. Congrats Mark and Caitlin!!