organization can be really hard…



But it doesn't have to be! I am probably the last person that should be posting anything about organization, but hey, that's exactly why I am! Because I learned from my shortcomings and wanted to find a way to improve that area of our business. 

If you're like me, it can be really hard to organize your time. Planners are typically used to schedule out your month and year, while lists keep you on track for the week. Well, I ran into this problem, and I wanted to find a way to create something that would keep me on track weekly, with long term goals in mind. 

To be transparent, blogging and creating free education material is a goal of mine this year, and something I am starting to create content for so that I can do it on a weekly basis. I felt like I was just posting when I had some free time or a break in my schedule, but I really wanted it to become a regular part of my routine. 

One day, I simply wrote out, on a piece of paper, what I needed to edit for the month, blog posts (and dates), as well as education posts and newsletters with their respective date.

As a photographer and business owner, we carry may different roles. We have to take photos well, interact with our clients personally, carry out contracts, invoicing, and legal matters, and create engaging content for our brides and even other photographers. I wanted a way to make this a little less overwhelming. I already use a great online client software called, Sprout Studio. You can check it out here.

But again, I wanted something that would show me what blog posts and information I needed to create and get out at a certain date, as well as my list of sessions to edit. 

I wanted it to be simple and something I could print off every month to keep track of everything on one sheet. Side note, if you enjoy keeping track of things electronically, and pen and paper are not your jam, this may not be for you, and that is perfectly okay! There are so many sites that offer the same thing for you to manage your checklists. 

But for those of you who are like me and enjoy a good check list- this is for you! I created this for myself to use in my business, and I am all about paying it forward and helping those around me feel less stressed and able to reach more goals. This is just a simple way to do that, but I am offering this monthly sheet to you for FREE! 

Just CLICK HERE to download our FREE monthly task organizer. (It's a great idea to laminate and use a dry erase marker to fill in each month!)

We hope this will be beneficial to you, and would love for you to implement it in your business! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or ways that we can even improve upon this. AND if you decide to take on the challenge to use this monthly checklist, we'd love for you to share a picture with us! You can email me directly or tag us on social media. 

We are so thankful for the community of photographers around us that continually pour into us, so that we can, in return, pour into others.

Until next time, we'll be drinking lots of coffee and dreaming up even better ways to help create more organized, sustainable photography businesses. xoxo

Written by:  Sarah Vivas, Owner and Lead Photographer of Click Away Photography

Written by: Sarah Vivas, Owner and Lead Photographer of Click Away Photography