Getting the Best Detail and Getting Ready

Photos on your Wedding Day


Lighting 101

Lighting is the most important part of photography. Without light, there wouldn't be pictures. So let's talk a little about what good light looks like for photographers and how to make sure they have the best light on your wedding day. 

If you have already chosen your wedding venue, or are still looking for a wedding venue (Click Here to see our blog post about wedding venues) make sure there are windows in the getting ready space, or a nearby space with windows. While this isn't necessary, it is crucial in getting light and airy photos like the ones seen in these pictures. 

If you've already booked your venue and there is not a lot of space or light in the getting ready area, be flexible with where your photographer suggests taking these photos. We have had brides step outside or step into another room that has better light to get into her dress, shoes, and jewelry. This makes a huge difference! 

I want to also encourage other photographers to speak up. You are the expert in this area, and if your bride has hired you, she trusts you to make the best decision for the best pictures possible. Whether this means stepping outside and even staging a few photos of her getting into her dress, instead of that dungeon like closet she's getting ready in- you know you've been there! 


Be prepared

One thing we run into as photographers on wedding days, is not having all the details in one place. This can add on so much time for the photographer, as we then proceed to track down the rings, stationary, etc. 

To help with this, brides can go ahead and have everything ready to go, and all in one place when the photographer arrives. This means dress is on a nice hanger, ready to be photographed, the florist has delivered the bouquet to the getting ready space, and all 3 rings are together. 

To make this even simpler, I have created a FREE downloadable  PDF with a checklist for brides. Feel free to download this if you are a bride, or even a photographer you can give this to your brides. 

Click Here to download FREE Wedding Day Detail Checklist. 

For smaller items such as jewelry, headpiece, etc. you could try placing those in a small cosmetic bag. Another great idea that we love when our brides do, is placing all the details smaller than shoes (basically everything except the dress) inside the shoe box. This makes it easy for us to carry to a location with great lighting! 


props and styling

Not many brides or brides-to-be know exactly what all is involved when we, as photographers, style their invitation, shoes, etc. While finding lighting can be fairly simple for lay flats (by a window or under shaded light) it can be difficult to style details when there just isn't much to work with. 

This is why we ask our brides to include things such as: extra flowers, ribbon, stamps, ring box, etc. A lot of time our perception is skewed by what we see online and on blogs. We have all seen a beautiful picture of an invitation styled with lots of flowers and ribbon (maybe like the one on the left) and hope that our detail photos will be just as pretty. As a bride you may be disappointed by the outcome of your detail shots if they fall short of your Pinterest dreams. This may be because you did not provide enough for your photographer to get creative with. If this part of your day/gallery is important to you, I would highly suggest putting forth a little more effort to add in little details for your photographer to play with in your photos. 

If you have questions about what would be a good styling prop for the theme of your wedding, feel free to reach out to your photographer. I know they would love to help you in this area! 

Resources for styling props (for brides and photographers: 

Silk Ribbon

Wax Seals

Vintage Stamps

Ring Boxes

Other Styling Goodies


Thank you all for taking the time to learn how to make the most of your detail and getting ready photos on the day of the wedding.

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