Black Balsam Engagement Session (Asheville, NC)

It has taken me WAY too long to blog one of my favorite engagement sessions to date! 

First off, I just have to say Hope and Mark are two of the coolest people I have ever met. With that being said, the combination of these people and these mountains.. I just can't even handle it. Mark and hope are both relatively quiet and chill people, so being in front of the camera isn't necessarily the easiest place for either of them to be, but can we just take a second and appreciate their perfectness in front of the camera.. Yea they rocked this session and they rocked our socks off.

Although it was FREEZING on top of Black Balsam, the light and emotion combined in these images are some of our favorites that we have ever captured. You know those days when everything seems to align, yea that was this day. Who cares that are fingers almost froze off! In the words of my lovely assistant Ashley when she first started working for Click Away, "I want to shoot shoot shoot until my fingers fall off!" Well, we came real close. 

Enjoy some these lovely pictures of one of the coolest couples.