Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding Maryland - Charlotte Wedding Photographers

AH where to even begin with these two..

Ashley and I feel so fortunate to have met Tina and Curt and take place in their AMAZING wedding. We work out of Charlotte, but LOVE to travel to different weddings to see new places and venues so we made the most out of our drive to Hanover, Maryland. The Elkridge Furnace Inn definitely did not disappoint. I love the history and character of this beautiful place and their garden site for ceremonies made the perfect back drop for Tina and Curt's wedding. 

The photos you see here are an example of what happens when you have two people who truly love each other, who have family and friends who truly love and support them, and who trust their photographers to capture every moment. The last is something that stood out to Ashley and I the most. Tina trusted us and provided us with the freedom and time to truly capture her wedding as it took place. She left ideas up to us, she left time frame up to us (hence the numerous bride and groom portraits! ;) ) She truly let us be the photographers and we cannot thank her and Curt enough for this. 

Tina also incorporated her Korean background with a traditional ceremony to honor her elders. The crowd got into it more than expected and it made for such a fun time with plenty of laughter! The entire drive back to Charlotte, Ashley and I talked about how amazing the wedding was. We truly enjoyed our time and were even sad when we realized it was over. What a great feeling when you can walk away from a wedding wishing you could do it again because it was just that much fun! 

Thank you Curt and Tina for providing us with genuine hospitality, creative freedom, and the ability to see a glimpse of your love for one another. We are overjoyed and so excited for you two and we will definitely be visiting Charleston soon ;)