Andrea's Bridal Shower

First off.. HUGE thanks to Evermore Event Company for the amazing table settings and for making this shower all kinds of beautiful with your lovely china and decor. 

Also, I owe a big hug to Rose, Ashley, Momma Joy, Momma Harrell, Meemaw, Becca, Nona, and everyone else who helped out in setting up and tearing down today. I literally would not have been able to put this together without everyone's help. I quickly learned throughout this process that not only does andrea love selflessly through serving, so do her friends and family. I am so grateful for each of you. I had so much fun putting together the theme and ideas for this shower and enjoyed seeing those ideas come to fruition today.

I have known andrea for 14 years now, and we have had many ups and downs. (The downs generally happened in our elementary years.) I am so thankful for her friendship and cherish her constant devotion to keeping our friendship alive. It is so easy to graduate high school and never talk to your fellow classmates again, but I am so glad that through the years (and some years through the distance) that Andrea has constantly reached out and cherished our friendship enough to spend quality time together amidst our busy schedules. 

Andrea, since I wasn't able to say much today through my quick shedding of tears, just know that I love you and I am incredibly happy for what the future holds for you. I can't believe we are even at this stage in life, but I am proud of how hard you've worked and how far you have come in these past few years. Thank you for being the godly, encouraging example I need in my life and for challenging me on a daily basis. I hope today was an enjoyable and encouraging time for you as you begin a new chapter in your life. 

Love you sissy!  <3