The Farm at Brusharbor Engagement Session (Concord, NC)

Kevin saw Brittany walk into his first Spanish class at UNCG. He said to himself, "I'm going to date her", as she took a seat. A few days went by and Brittany noticed her secret admirer across the room, but was a little confused why he was always looking at her. 

One day, the teacher asked the students to pair up and practice their numbers by asking their partners what their phone numbers were. Naturally, Kevin found Brittany and paired up with her immediately. No hesitation there. As you can guess... Kevin got Brittany's number. Brittany, still unaware of exactly what was going on and who this guy was, received a call shortly after. Kevin talked to her and one thing led to another. 

I grew up with Kevin and spent many of our younger years playing with him. I can tell you one thing, after seeing Kevin and Brittany together, They absolutely LOVE each other.  From the way they look at each other, get along flawlessly (at least what I saw ;) ), and genuinely care for each other, I know they will have a lifetime of happiness. I only wish them the best! 

The Farm at Brusharbor provided the best backdrop a girl (photographer) could ask for. The evening was beautiful, and though it was humid, we made the best out of the daylight we were given. I can't wait for these two love birds to tie the knot in May at the farm! Enjoy their story through pictures and leave them some love!